Feel the heatbeat

Drum Band

Percussion is the musical heartbeat to any song.  Just like the heart, it is your job as a drummer to keep everyone in time. No matter what you go on to play you will always have good timing. You know exactly how the music works so you can progress as a player in every instrument you choose. 

Express Yourself

Drum Kit

Whether you had a bad day at school, or a bad tube ride to work in the morning, drumming acts as a huge stress relief! Releasing the adrenaline and endorphins when you play fast paced will allow you obtain your inner peace in a creative space. 

Although not as common to read drum notation, we enable all students to read music (even the drummers)! Express your own music as well as the most famous drummers of all time!

Co-ordination and Concentration

Drum Lessons

If you have never tried rubbing your stomach and patting your head, it will be difficult to fathom what true talent drummers have. Learning how to manipulate different limbs at the same time enhances co-ordination and concentration in all walks of life.