Acoustic Guitar

The guitar department offers lessons from the age of 7 upwards. Teaching all students how to read music, we focus on the classical method of reading (from the musical stave), which can then develop for all guitar playing. 

Question: Why do I need to be 7 years old or older?

Answer:   Of course we know there are students who start learning guitar at the age of 4 or younger. By the age of 7, these children are prodigies! However, in the reality of playing the guitar it has to be observed that children before this age have very delicate fingers. Taking part in hourly lessons, students of a young age often complain about holding the strings (even on the classical guitar). After a few more years of living, kids become much more resistant and find playing much more enjoyable. If you would like your child to take up a lesson before the age of 7, we suggest the piano as it is much more delicate on the fingers.  

Types of Guitar

We specialise in the classical (also known as the Spanish) guitar but this does not mean the classical guitar is the only way! The classical guitar has both metal and nylon strings. These nylon strings are easier on the fingers, making the classical guitar the best guitar for beginners. Once students have built up their guitar playing, students can evolve into the electric or acoustic  guitar.  

Bass Guitar

We teach this too! Perfect for beginners or advance students wanting to be part of a more creative musical community. Playing the bass guitar is great for any student wanting to play in a band and advance musical knowledge. You don’t need any musical knowledge to pick up the bass guitar, just passion! For more information before starting music lessons, please contact us using our enquiry form