Piano Lessons

The piano department offers lessons for students aged 5 year upwards. Teaching all students how to read music, we provide our students with a solid foundation in classical music which will enable students to progress in all styles of music! 

Guitar Lessons

The guitar department offers lessons from the age of 7 upwards. Teaching all students how to read music, we focus on the classical method of reading (from the musical stave), which can then develop for all guitar playing. 

Drum Lessons

Drums are the heartbeat of the band. Our drum department offers lessons for students from 6 upwards. We follow the RockSchool syllabus to give students the skills to play rock, pop, blues or swing!

Violin Lessons

One of the most popular instrument to play and cheap to buy! Violin is one of the rare instruments that you can learn at a very young age, because they make very small student versions! So at the age of 4 you can learn the violin. Once you start taking violin lessons, you'll also meet fellow violinists and play together. As a portable instrument, it is possible to practice and play anywhere!      

Singing Lessons

 Everyone has a natural voice. In the shower, in the playground, or in the car. Harness your natural ability to vocalise emotions through the power of voice.    


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