Piano Lessons

    Of course, there are many instruments that one can learn to play, but none is more simple and straightforward than the piano. Having the notes laid out in front of you makes the piano the best instrument for smaller students and students wanting deeper musical knowledge. It is believed that once you have learned the piano, you can play any instrument!    

The piano department offers lessons for students aged 5 year upwards. Teaching all students how to read music, we provide our students with a solid foundation in classical music which will enable students to progress in all styles of music!      

Following the ABRSM syllabus, UK Pianos Hackney prepares students from prep test to Grade 8 level

Music Score

Playing both the melody and harmony, piano can be played without an accompaniment. This means you can perform renditions of songs from any genre. No need to rely on any other musicians, the piano can provide the full musical picture of any score by itself acting like a miniature orchestra! 

Piano Lesson

The piano is used behind the scenes as an instrument for composing music for movies, video games, plays, and much more. Piano is also an ideal instrument if you are a budding composer as the electronic piano keyboard serves as a perfect interface for entering notes in real-time into music software  


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