Violin Lessons

One of the most popular instrument to play and cheap to buy! Violin is one of the rare instruments that you can learn at a very young age, because they make very small student versions! So at the age of 4 you can learn the violin. Violin is a community. Once you start taking violin lessons, you'll also meet fellow violinists and play together. As a portable instrument, it is possible to practice and play anywhere!      

Why learn the violin?

 If you want to train your musical ear, there is no better instrument than the violin. Creating all notes using just strings and a bow, the violin creates musicians with great awareness of musical melodies and understanding of pitch.  Musicians are athletes of the small muscles. This means that every time you play the violin, you are actually working out much like someone would at the gym or on a playing group sports. All of the muscles in the neck, arms, shoulder back, and even core area are used when playing the violin! If your position is correct while playing and they remained relaxed, over time these muscles will strengthen just as if you were to do sit ups each day for a month. Everything about the violin takes discipline: holding position, posture and technique. Having this discipline to play the violin can be transported into all walks of life.   

Violinists are multi-multi-taskers! Having to co-ordinate both hands performing completely different tasks makes violinist the best at multitasking and cognitive awareness.  

Exam Syllabus

UK Pianos Hackney follow the ABRSM syllabus for the violin from prep test through to Grade 8