Who We Are

Established in 2014

Established in 2014, UK Pianos Hackney was the third branch of the UK Pianos / All Talents Music School group to open in London. Since the grand opening, UK Pianos Hackney strives to offer music lessons to the community at affordable prices.g 

Since 2017, UK Pianos Hackney has been regenerated by new Owner / Manager Paige Palmer. Her regeneration is inspiring students from all walks of life to gain confidence in reading music and explore their passion for both creativity and perfection. 

Focusing on classical methods of teaching, UK Pianos Hackney present the gift of reading and understanding the musical language to the students of Hackney in the piano, guitar, violin, drums and vocal training. 

Growth Focused

UK Pianos Hackney strive to achieve results in all musical instruments offered. Focusing on each individual's progress, we ensure our students excel in every single lesson to enable confident playing! We are a results focused music school, encouraging students to take exams in all instruments under the recognised exam boards. This gives our students a goal to work towards and a sense of achievement whilst developing their passion.

Affordably Priced

UK Pianos Hackney are very aware of the prices for music lessons - from £30 upwards! We offer a complete package of instrument training, theory and aural training during our lessons for less than half the price! 

UK Pianos Hackney has established a teaching method which enables our students to understand the core foundations of music in a classroom setting. This enables UK Pianos Hackney to keep our prices low for our customers and provide outstanding musical training by the best teachers in London!